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Wildlife art of a giraffe by Naomi Jenkin Art.

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Behind the scenes, studio updates and news from the animal kingdom.


Wildlife Art Articles

Wildlife art African leopard wildlife art by Naomi Jenkin.

Eye to Eye – Behind the scenes

How this wildlife art commission made for a timeless and meaningful gift.

Wildlife art Wildlife art drawing of a brown bear by Naomi Jenkin.

Peekaboo – Behind the scenes

A special wildlife art commission

Wildlife art Polar bear

A Polar Bear Adventure

Have you ever seen a polar bear in the wild? It’s not something many people have been lucky enough to...

Wildlife art Polar bear roaming the icea

Fun Facts About Polar Bears

How do polar bears keep warm? How do they drink when all the water is frozen? And are polar bears really white...

Wildlife art Orangutan male

Fascinating facts about Orangutans

Did you know an orangutan’s arm span is bigger than their height? And they’re the largest tree dwelling animal on the planet? Read more...

Wildlife art African elephant

Amazing Facts About Elephants

Did you know elephants need around 70000 calories per day. And baby elephants drink 20 pints of milk daily...

Wildlife art Amur tiger

Tiger Facts - All About Amur Tigers

Did you know Amur tigers are the biggest cats on the planets? And they're also one of the most endangered...

Wildlife art Elephant painting by British wildlife artist Naomi Jenkin Art.

How do elephants communicate?

The unusual ways in which elephants talk to each other.

Wildlife art Orangutan painting by British wildlife artist Naomi Jenkin Art.

Orangutans - Ten years left?

Read all about these incredible creatures and what you can do to ensure their future survival.

Wildlife art Wildlife artist Naomi Jenkin with portrait of two giraffes.

Crafting a piece of wildlife art.

From concept to finished drawing. Read about the process...

Wildlife art Amur tiger painting by British wildlife artist Naomi Jenkin Art.

Amur Tigers - A Story of Hope

A new wildlife art drawing is on the easel. Read about the inspiration behind it, and see the piece come to life.

Wildlife art Wildlife art by Naomi Jenkin Art.

Announcing Wildlife Art

I'm pleased to announce a new range of wildlife art to my collection of animal drawings...


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