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Fine art print of giraffe painting by wildlife artist Naomi Jenkin.

Caring for your fine art print

Handling and framing tips.



Fine art print of giraffe painting by wildlife artist Naomi Jenkin.

Wildlife art print ready for framing.

Receiving a new piece of art is always a special occasion and something to be excited about. So many hours have gone into creating that special piece of art so that you can enjoy the beauty of it in your own home. It’s important then to know how to care for it properly so that you can enjoy it for decades to come. If you’ve never purchased a fine art print before, you may have a few questions - hopefully this page will answer them for you.

Handling your print

Your wildlife art print will arrive to you in a strong reinforced tube to ensure its safety in transit. Carefully remove one of the end caps to open the tube. Your print will be tucked inside, wrapped carefully in acid free tissue paper to protect it. Tilt the tube up to let the print slide out. If it doesn’t slide out of its own accord, give a light tug on the tissue paper.

Once your print is out of the tube, you’ll want to unwrap it from the tissue paper. Make sure you wash your hands before doing this, to avoid marking the print. Also make sure the surface you place the print on is clean. When you unwrap the print, you’ll find that it is sandwiched between two layers of tissue paper. Lay the print down on one of these layers to protect the back of it whilst you view the print. Never touch the surface of the print, as you may mark or scuff the surface. Always lift it by the edges of the paper.

Flattening your print

You’ll need to flatten your print before you can frame it. This is very easy to do. With your print lying on one of the sheets of tissue paper provided, unfurl the print and place the remaining sheet of tissue paper over the surface of the image.  Now place a few clean heavy objects on top of this to keep the print flat. A few weighty books usually work well for this. Leave the print under the weights for a couple of hours. This should be sufficient to flatten out the print, ready for framing.

Framing your print

Your print will have a small white border around the image. This means that if you wish, you can frame it without a mount. Personally, I think mounts always add to the presentation and if chosen right can really compliment your piece of art. The size of your print will be a standard ‘A’ size, so it should be very easy to source a frame from the high street to fit your art. Please refer to the sizes below for the precise dimensions of your print.

A4 prints – 21 x 29.7cm or 8.3 x 11.7 inches

A3 prints – 29.7 x 42cm or 11.7 x 16.5 inches

A2 prints – 42 x 59.4cm or 16.5 x 23.4 inches

Although shop bought frames should be very easy to come by and are usually quite cheap, I’d always encourage you to visit a local professional framer if you can. The quality of the framing will always exceed what you can buy on the high street, and the framer will ensure that your print is adequately protected to ensure it’s longevity.

Displaying your framed print

Once your print is beautifully framed, you’ll need to decide where to display it. I’d recommend not displaying your print in direct sunlight as strong UV rays can fade the print over time. You’ll also want to avoid displaying it in a very moist environment such as a bathroom or kitchen as this may cause damage to the print. Somewhere such as a living room, bedroom, office or hallway should be ideal. If you’re displaying your print on a wall, you’ll want to hang it roughly at eye level.

Framed print of “Tigers of the Taiga”.

Hopefully that’s answered any queries you may have regarding your fine art print. If not, head to my contact page and pop me an email. I’m always more than happy to offer advice and help with any aspect of your art purchase. I always love to receive photos of your wildlife art prints on display, so why not send through a photo of yours!


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