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Elephant painting by wildlife artist Naomi Jenkin.

Wildlife art

Art inspired by nature


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    I have recently purchased my third limited edition wildlife print drawn by Naomi and am absolutely thrilled! Whatever she draws, Naomi has the ability to capture not only every minute, tangible detail of their physical forms but also their personalities and emotions too. This is a unique and wonderful talent which goes above and beyond just creating a drawing and really helps bring the subject to life. The realism of Naomi's artwork is breath-taking and it still escapes me as to HOW she manages to capture every last hair, whisker or glint in the eye! A truly gifted and special artist and I cannot recommend owning a piece (or pieces!) of her work highly enough!

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    Yvonne Haskett


Wildlife artist Naomi Jenkin with orangutan painting.

Naomi with orangutan drawing titled "Hold Me Closer".

I think it’s fair to say we’ve all become more aware of the natural world in recent years. Perhaps in part thanks to the astonishing programmes made by Sir David Attenborough, bringing us up close with some of the most amazing creatures and environments on our planet. Not just the beauty of them, but their struggles too (anyone remember the scene of the Iguanas being chased by killer snakes in Planet Earth II?)

One thing that I’ve always been inspired by is the emotional connection between animals, and how ‘human’ those emotions appear. If you own a dog or cat, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Your pet has probably had their bouts of being playful, happy, sad, or maybe they’ve acted all coy when the dustbin’s been raided! I love exploring those same emotions in the wider animal kingdom through my wildlife art. Showing the tender connection between a mother orangutan and her infant, the simple playfulness between two siblings, or the rivalry between alpha males. It is my hope that my animal art helps you feel a connection to the natural world, and an empathy for the animals that live in it.

Wildlife artist Naomi Jenkin with giraffe painting.

Naomi with giraffe drawing titled "Neck and Neck".


All my wildlife pieces are hand drawn in pastels with particular attention to colour, lighting, and of course those all-important intricate details. I find pastels perfect for rendering fur and skin textures, as they give such a beautifully soft feel to the painting. They allow me to build up layer upon layer, creating a fabulous sense of depth.  Each pieces takes weeks to complete. This video shows a few little highlights from one of my recent works.

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Lion painting by wildlife artist Naomi Jenkin.

Lion Cub painting titled "Lyin' Around"

If you’ve seen any of my pet portrait work, you’ll know that capturing personality is what my art is all about. I love to create pieces that evoke emotion in some way. Well, my wildlife art is no different! Capturing special moments is what I strive for in all my pieces. And making them as realistic as possible is all part of that aim. I hope that when you look at my animal paintings, you’re drawn to the animals on some deeper level. Maybe you feel like you can reach out and feel the soft fur beneath your fingers. You might feel like their eyes are gazing into your soul, or perhaps your heart melts feeling the deep connection between the animals in the painting. Or maybe the piece just makes you chuckle in its simple playfulness.


Fine art print of giraffe painting by wildlife artist Naomi Jenkin.

Limited edition fine art print.

All my wildlife art drawings are available as limited edition prints. Each print is professionally produced using high longevity pigments on Hahnemuhle bamboo inkjet paper. These high-quality archival materials ensure that your print will be of superb quality with sharp details, vibrant colours, and most importantly will last for a very long time!  

Every print will be numbered, hand signed, and will come with a certificate of authenticity to guarantee that your print is a genuine reproduction by Naomi Jenkin Art. 

They are available in a range of sizes, from A4 to A2 so there’s something to suit everyone. The standard sizing also means you’ll easily be able to buy a frame for your print from a shop on the high street, rather than having to buy a custom-made frame to fit.

If you have a friend or family member who adores animals and the natural world, then a fine art print could be the perfect gift! Prints are a really affordable way to gift a loved one a stunning piece of art, and with three sizes to choose from, you’re sure to find something that suits. It’ll be a high quality memorable present that they’ll be able to enjoy for years to come, and every time they see it, they’ll think of you!


Your print will be printed on special fine art paper which has been carefully chosen for its sustainability and excellent quality. Traditional fine art papers are made primarily from cotton which uses huge amounts of water to produce, and takes up vast areas of land to cultivate. Instead of cotton-based papers, I use Hahnemühle Bamboo fine art paper because it’s made from 90% bamboo fibres. Bamboo is a fast growing and easily renewable resource. It doesn’t require pesticides to grow, and it takes up a fraction of the land that cotton plants need to produce the same yield. Bamboo also uses a third of the amount of water when compared to cotton.

The quality of this paper is also second to none. It confirms to the ISO 9706 standard of museum quality for the highest age resistance. The natural white, warm toned paper has a beautifully soft, lightly textured surface which yields prints with stunning detail, vibrancy and crispness.

All in all, your wildlife art prints will look outstanding, and won’t cost the earth.


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