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Wildlife art

Art inspired by nature


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    Naomi was commissioned by my father to create an A2 pastel drawing of a Leopard and cub as a gift for my mother. Naomi listened carefully to my fathers requirements and initially provided several options to choose from. The final result was ‘eye to eye’ which is nothing short of stunning! The colours and fine details are incredible, the muted background is perfect for showcasing the leopards and the emotional bond between the mother and cub is unmistakable, something that is often missing from wildlife art. The fact that Naomi could create such an outstanding piece in only a few weeks is testament to her talent. Needless to say, my mother was thrilled with her gift. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Naomi’s work, she’s an incredibly gifted artist.

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    Alison Denning

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    Blown away! I just totally love this picture, to have the skill to get a pastel picture that looks like a photo is beyond belief - a very talented lady for sure and I’m so very pleased I’ve got a piece of her wonderful artwork!

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    Elaine P.

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    Devotion to the highest artistic standards. Devotion to detail. Devotion to translating real, warm, living emotions onto, ultimately, the cold, hard medium of pastel on paper. You could choose any one of half a dozen likely reasons for using the title "DEVOTION" and they would each and all be wholly valid. In the final analysis it matters little what NJ chooses as a title for her peerless art work. It matters much more that she continues to provide it - and provide us with the opportunity to buy, own, display and enjoy it! This is the second of her works that I'm fortunate enough to own and it looks like I might run out of available wall display space before I exhaust my desire to own more - much more - of her unparalleled work! If you aren't yet familiar with her work, then you are missing out, but beware - once discovered, your wallspace and wallet contents might just have to exchange their properties of empty and full!

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    Adrian P.

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    I have recently purchased my third limited edition wildlife print drawn by Naomi and am absolutely thrilled! Whatever she draws, Naomi has the ability to capture not only every minute, tangible detail of their physical forms but also their personalities and emotions too. This is a unique and wonderful talent which goes above and beyond just creating a drawing and really helps bring the subject to life. The realism of Naomi's artwork is breath-taking and it still escapes me as to HOW she manages to capture every last hair, whisker or glint in the eye! A truly gifted and special artist and I cannot recommend owning a piece (or pieces!) of her work highly enough!

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    Yvonne Haskett


Wildlife artist Naomi Jenkin creating her original grizzly bear drawing

Naomi creating her Grizzly Bear drawing "Peekaboo".

Have you ever found how your thoughts slow down when you’re surrounded by nature? It’s like a filter comes down, whittling away all those stresses and chaos of our day to day lives. Whether you’re taking a stroll along the coastline, going for a dip in the sea, or just sitting on a hill watching the sunset. You feel more present, more connected to the here and now. And more able to appreciate what’s around you.

My wildlife art is lovingly hand drawn to bring you that same feeling of connection and serenity. Nature is so intensely beautiful in all it’s forms, and has so much to offer us, both for our physical and mental wellbeing. By capturing some of nature’s most beautiful captivating moments on canvas, my art allows you to take that feeling home with you, and dip into it from the comfort of your sofa!

My animal art also explores the emotional connection between animals, and how ‘human’ those emotions appear. If you own a dog or cat, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Their emotions cover a whole spectrum, from affectionate and loving, playful and happy, to maybe sad and distressed at times. Those same emotions are found in animals the world over, and I strive to bring those individual personalities to the fore in all my wildlife drawings. Showing the tender connection between a mother orangutan and her infant, the simple playfulness between two siblings, or the rivalry between alpha males.

When you look at my wildlife artwork, it is my hope that you’re drawn into that world; that you feel like you could step into the drawing and get lost in that beautiful moment.


Back in August 2022 I was asked to feature on BBC Spotlight, where they showcased my wildlife drawings and pet portraits. In the interview we talked about the Wildlife Artist of the Year competition, the creative process behind each drawing, how my artistic career first started, and the importance of protecting the natural world. You can see some photos from the film studio and read more about the interview over on my blog

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Orangutan painting titled

Orangutan painting titled "Hold Me Closer" by Naomi Jenkin

If you’ve seen any of my pet portrait work, you’ll know that capturing personality is what my art is all about. I love to create pieces that evoke emotion in some way. Well, my original wildlife art pieces are no different! Capturing special moments is what I strive for in all my drawings. And making them as realistic as possible is all part of that aim. I hope that when you look at my wildlife paintings, you’re drawn to the animals on some deeper level. Maybe you feel like you can reach out and feel the soft fur beneath your fingers. Perhaps your heart melts feeling the deep connection between the animals in the painting. Or it could be that the piece just makes you chuckle in its simple playfulness.

You can view my full range of original drawings using the link below. All pieces are available to buy online and can be shipped worldwide. You’re also welcome to come and view any artwork in person.


"Heart to Heart" - Limited edition fine art print of two red foxes.

All my wildlife drawings are available as limited edition prints. If you have a friend or family member who adores animals and the natural world, then a fine art print could be the perfect gift! Prints are a really affordable way to gift a loved one a stunning piece of art. It’ll be a truly memorable present that they’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. Plus, every time they see it, they’ll think of you!

There are three sizes to choose from, ranging from A4 up to A2, so there’s something to suit a wide range of budgets and wall spaces. The standard sizing also means you’ll easily be able to buy a frame for your print from a shop on the high street, rather than having to buy a custom-made frame to fit.

Each print is professionally produced using high longevity pigments on Hahnemühle bamboo inkjet paper. These high-quality archival materials ensure that your print will be of superb quality with sharp details, vibrant colours, and most importantly will last for a very long time!  

Every print will be numbered, hand signed, and will come with a certificate of authenticity to guarantee that your print is a genuine reproduction by Naomi Jenkin Art. 


Tiger painting by wildlife artist Naomi Jenkin.

"Devotion" - painting of two Amur tigers

Framed tiger painting by Naomi Jenkin Art.

"Devotion" was professionally framed by my local framer.

My original wildlife paintings tend not to hang around for too long! So there’s a high chance you may have seen a piece you like and it’s sold already. If this is the case, or if you’d love a painting tailored to your own requirements, then why not consider commissioning your own bespoke artwork?

Perhaps you’ve been on a once-in-a-lifetime safari holiday. Your painting could be your own personal memento of that incredible trip, taking you back to those awe-inspiring moments. Or maybe your partner adores tigers, and a tiger painting would really make their Christmas! Whatever your preferences, we can discuss all aspects of your artwork, from what animal you’d like featured, what sort of feel you like your artwork to convey, to timescales and framing options.

I’ve completed many commissions for clients all over the world, and have clients as far away as Australia. I pride myself in attention to detail with everything I do, and that includes getting your artwork to you in perfect condition.

So, if you have something special in mind, either for yourself or a loved one, then head to my wildlife commissions page for all the info.


Elephant painting by Naomi Jenkin Art finalist in Wildlife Artist of the Year 2024.

"The Elephant Charge" by Naomi Jenkin - finalist in Wildlife Artist of the Year 2024

One the highlights of my artistic career so far has been the prestigious Wildlife Artist of the Year competition, where I was thrilled to be selected as a finalist in both 2022 and 2024. My orangutan painting ‘Hold Me Closer’ and my elephant painting ‘The Elephant Charge’ are both pieces which were selected by a judging panel to go through to the finals of the competition. To receive this recognition from the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation was really exciting. The annual competition is in aid of wildlife conservation across Asia and Africa, and to date has raised almost £2 million to support wildlife.

Find out more about this year’s Wildlife Artist of the Year 2024 competition, and how you can view the exhibition including my artwork ‘The Elephant Charge’ in person at the Mall Galleries in London this July.

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