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Pets portraits and Seascapes

by Naomi Jenkin

Pet Portrait Commissions

My name is Naomi Jenkin and I specialise in highly realistic pet portraits that capture the heart and soul of your beloved pet. Every portrait is carefully crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Prior to drawing any portrait, I work very closely with my client to ensure I gain an understanding of their pet's unique personality.  I am then able to develop a portrait that not only reflects their pet's likeness, but also captures their very essence and nature.   

All my portraits are hand drawn from photographs using using only the highest quality art materials. The main body of my work is dog portraits, but I've also been commissioned to draw cats, horses, cows and even ferrets! 

How to commission your pet portrait


1. Prices, size options, and other commission information can be found on my Commissions Page

2. I'll need high quality photos to work from. If you need any guidance I have some handy tips on my photo guide page. 

3. Get in touch with your requirements by emailing or phoning +44 (0)7749 408205. 

Black and white kitten pet portrait commisson. Hand drawn in pastels by pet portrait artist Naomi Jenkin. Based in Cornwall, UK.

Seascape Oil Paintings

In addition to my pet portrait work I also create seascapes in oil paints. Living in the heart of Cornwall in the UK, I'm spoilt for inspiration with our dramatic coastlines and world class surf beaches. My paintings aim to capture the drama and beauty of the ocean in all it's various states, from the ferocious stormy seas to the sunlit summer surf.


My work can be seen in galleries across Cornwall and Devon. My paintings are also available to buy direct and can be shipped worldwide. For more information click here.