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Wildlife Art Commissions

Personalised artwork drawn especially for you



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    Naomi was commissioned by my father to create an A2 pastel drawing of a Leopard and cub as a gift for my mother. Naomi listened carefully to my fathers requirements and initially provided several options to choose from. The final result was ‘eye to eye’ which is nothing short of stunning! The colours and fine details are incredible, the muted background is perfect for showcasing the leopards and the emotional bond between the mother and cub is unmistakable, something that is often missing from wildlife art. The fact that Naomi could create such an outstanding piece in only a few weeks is testament to her talent. Needless to say, my mother was thrilled with her gift. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Naomi’s work, she’s an incredibly gifted artist.

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    Allison Denning

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    I first saw Naomi on South West TV and was absolutely blown away by her talent. I messaged Naomi the same night to start discussing a commission, a present for my partner. We exchanged many messages with lots of ideas, and finally ‘Peek-a-Boo’ was in production. To see Naomi’s work in reality was so amazing! The present was a massive success, we collected the art from Naomi in person and it was so good to finally meet and unveil the picture. Will send a photo when he is finally in place in the new home. Thank you Naomi not just for the picture but the journey - we are thrilled.

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    Melanie L.

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    Blown away! I just totally love this picture, to have the skill to get a pastel picture that looks like a photo is beyond belief - a very talented lady for sure and I’m so very pleased I’ve got a piece of her wonderful artwork!

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    Elaine Pellow

Bespoke wildlife art

Wildlife art drawing of two tigers by Naomi Jenkin Art

Tiger drawing titled "Devotion".

Buying a piece of art for your own home is always a special moment, but being able to commission your own bespoke piece can be even more meaningful. Having that input into the creative process right from the start ensures your art is just how you want it.

If you’ve been on a safari trip and have unforgettable memories of seeing lions in the wild, you could have a piece that celebrates that experience. Or perhaps your loved one gets so enthralled watching wildlife programs on the tele, you know they’d just adore their own personalised artwork of their favourite animal. Or it might be that you have a big blank wall in your living room which you’d just love to adorn with a striking wildlife piece that captures your imagination.

Wildlife Gallery

Prices and Size Options

Below you can view my standard size options and prices. I’m always happy to give advice when it comes to choosing the perfect size. The larger sizes generally work best for pieces which include more than one animal, or fairly large animals such as big cats, elephants, or great apes. If you’re looking for a piece that captures a lot of fine close-up details, larger is also better. One of the main ways in which the emotion of an animal is conveyed in my drawings is through the eyes, so a bigger portrait will allow the eyes to have that much more detail in them to really get that personality and feeling across.

Of course, you might be restricted for wall space and not want your painting to be too large. Or perhaps your artwork will feature a smaller animal such a fox or hedgehog; In which case, a smaller artwork might be more fitting.

If you'd like a size not listed below, just get in touch for a bespoke quotation. 

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Size (cm) Price
A4 (29.7 x 21cm)900
A3 (42 x 29.7cm)1500
A2 (59.4 x 42cm)2100
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Size Price
A4 (29.7 x 21cm)1160
A3 (42 x 29.7cm)1980
A2 (59.4 x 42cm)2750
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Size Price
A4 (29.7 x 21cm)1075
A3 (42 x 29.7)1800
A2 (59.4 x 42cm)2500


You don’t have to be local to me to commission your own artwork. I regularly ship my portraits to clients all over the world, and have a lot of experience in ensuring it will reach you in pristine condition. Below you can view shipping rates to the locations I most regularly deliver to. If your location is not listed below, just contact me for a shipping quote.

UK deliveries - Free. 

US deliveries - $80 up to size A3. Larger sizes are $110.


Your vision

First up, simply get in touch with me explaining the sort of thing you have in mind. What animal(s) would you like your artwork to feature? Did you have a particular setting in mind? Did you want it in a portrait style, or scene featuring a bit more environment? What sort of emotion or feel you want the piece to convey? i.e. Is it a mother and cub with an overall feeling of love? Or maybe you’d like the piece to focus in on the face of the animal, with a feeling of tension and anticipation in the eyes.

Of course, you might not have anything too specific in mind, just that you’d like a painting of a particular animal. That’s fine – I can send over some examples for you to view so we can narrow things down together.

Artwork size

I’ll need to know what size portrait you’d like to go for. You can choose from my standard sizes listed in my price table above, or if you have something different in mind, just let me know. If you’re unsure what size is right for you, just say and I’ll help to guide you on what would be most suitable for your requirements.


Once I have the above information, a 50% deposit is payable to secure a slot. I do get booked up months in advance, so if you need your portrait for a particular occasion, make sure you get in touch early to avoid disappointment. Having said that, occasionally things shift around in my schedule and space opens up, so it’s always worth getting in touch even if you do have a relatively tight time frame.

Composition Options

Once you’re booked in, I’ll start to put together some composition options. During this process, I’ll go through hundreds of different reference photos and will use these to put together a variety of options which I’ll send to you for consideration. I’ll work closely with you to narrow down what you like, so that together we can plan your perfect wildlife piece.

See your artwork being drawn

Once we’ve decided on the chosen composition, I can begin drawing. As I’m drawing it, I’ll be taking lots of photos and videos so that you’ll be able to see it come together. I’ll post these up on my social media channels and website so that you and your family can enjoy seeing the piece unfold.

If your artwork is a surprise gift, I’ll wait until after you’ve gifted it before publishing anything online. I know how special that element of surprise is, so I won’t do anything to ruin it!

Please accept marketing-cookies to watch this video.


When I’ve finished drawing your artwork, I’ll scan it in and send you a proof of the work to approve. If there’s any tweaks you’d like me to make to the drawing, now is the time to request them. I’ll then do those tweaks and send you a revised proof to review. Once you’re happy with everything, the final payment will be due.

Framing service

If you’d like me to arrange the framing for your art, I’m always happy to do that. You’ll need to be able to collect your painting from me in person if you’d like to use this service, as I can’t shipped artworks that are framed behind glass. You can read more information on my Framing Service page.


If you're having your artwork delivered, I'll carefully and securely package it up and ship it out to your preferred delivery address. I'll include with some framing and care advice for you too. I always send my artworks fully insured for peace of mind. All UK deliveries are sent via a 24hr courier service.

If you’re collecting your drawing from me in person then I'll contact you to arrange a collection date and time. 

Leave a Review

I always love hearing feedback from clients after they’ve received their artwork. Leaving a review is such a valuable way to help me grow my business and to help others discover my artwork.

You can leave your own review on either Facebook or Google.


If your wildlife commission is a special gift for someone, there’s a few things which it’s useful for me to know. These help me to work with you to maintain that wonderful element of surprise.


If there is a specific date when you’ll be gifting the artwork, please let me know at the time of booking. This will help me ensure that I can deliver your artwork in good time.


Let me know your preferred method of communication. I usually get in touch with clients over email and don’t send out anything in the post unless it’s your actual artwork being delivered. I always ask for a contact number at the time of booking (email accounts have been known to go awry), but let me know if you’d rather I didn’t call you.

Online updates

As you may have seen on my Instagram and Facebook pages, I often post up images and videos to show what I’m currently working on. However, if your artwork is a surprise, I won’t post anything online until after you’ve gifted it. Of course, if your loved one knows about their special commission and you’d both like to see the piece being created, then let me know. I’ll post up as I’m drawing it so you can share the excitement!

Discreet delivery

If you live with the person you’ll be gifting your artwork to, you might wish to have it delivered somewhere other than your home to avoid arousing suspicion. Perhaps your workplace, or a relative’s house? If so, just let me know.

Your artwork will be sent in unbranded packaging, so even if you do have it delivered to your home, it won’t be obvious what it is from the outside. You’ll also receive a tracking link so you’ll know when to expect it.


Further Questions? 

Hopefully this page has answered all your questions about commissioning your own piece of wildlife art. However, if you do have any further enquiries, or just want to chat things over feel free to get in touch. I'm always happy to offer advice. 

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