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Capturing the raw energy of the ocean on canvas

In addition to my pet portrait work, I also paint seascapes in oils. Living in Cornwall, and spending a lot of my free time in the ocean, I'm never short of inspiration.

Ocean Inspired

I love painting energy, movement and colour, and for me the sea encapsulates that perfectly. The ocean is never static – it’s constantly shifting, tides moving in and out, winds changing the shape of the waves, colours transforming as the light rises and fades, waves curling and frothing; I love how it can look so dramatically different in the space of just a few hours. My paintings aim to capture a snapshot, showing the beauty of the sea in all its various states.​

Art Galleries

Below you can view a selection of my recent works. Click on an image to view more details about the painting, and tosee it in a larger window.


My paintings can also be viewed in person at the Karensa Art Gallery in Padstow, Cornwall, and the Kaya Gallery in Plymouth, Devon. If you'd like more information about a particular painting please get in touch

Watergate Bay is my home from home, and nothing compares to surfing its turquoise, azure and green waves on a sunny day. I bumped into Naomi on the beach one day, photographing those exact breaks, and she agreed to paint my waves for me. I couldn't have imagined the painting would so realistically evoke the emotions I feel about the sea when I'm surfing. The translucence she draws out in the colours is unbelievable, she has an amazing talent. So happy, Watergate Bay Forever! - Amanda Archer-Brown


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