"Mabel looks alive on the canvas..."

Google 5 star review

"Naomi is an incredibly talented, professional and caring artist! Our detailed pastel portrait of our Jack Russell Kit is way beyond our expectations. Naomi has succeeded in bringing him 'back to us'. Sadly we lost Kit last year and wanted a lifelike portrait which was even further enhanced by the request to provide details on his character and adventures! The regular updates on the artwork progress were heartwarming. We just couldn't resist constantly peeking at them on our phones. Furthermore we received invaluable advice on framing. We cannot recommend Naomi highly enough..." - Angela Redman

I specialise in highly realistic dog portraits that capture the true likeness of your beloved companion.


Prior to drawing your portrait, I like to gain in depth understanding of your dog's unique personality. What are his quirks? What’s his favourite activity? Is he a snuggle bug or a squirrel chaser? Who are his best pals? What are his endearing features (or mischievous naughty streaks)? 


Using these invaluable insights, I am then able to develop a portrait that captures everything you love about your dog. I’m extremely proud of the likeness that I can achieve for you. It is the most important aspect of my work. And I will re-work the portrait if you feel that some things are not quite right.

I am based in Cornwall in the UK, and regularly create portraits for clients all over the world. My portraits currently hang in homes in the USA, Canada and even as far away as Australia.


There are several important elements that go into creating your perfect portrait. To find out more, please read through the content below.

Naomi Jenkin with her chocolate labrador

Naomi with her Labrador Charlie


How to get the best out of your portrait


Dog portrait examples

Scroll through the gallery below to see a few examples of the beautiful dogs I've had the pleasure of drawing. In each case the portrait is on the left, with a photo of the dog on the right so you can see the level of likeness I can achieve. 


Achieving true likeness

“[Naomi] captured everything that we love about our Harry”


You know your dog better than anyone! Her trademark head tilt when you say ‘food’. Her tendency to ambush another dog’s game of fetch. The way her legs run ten to the dozen when she’s dreaming. Or how she rests her chin on your lap and gazes right into your soul. These are the sorts of things that I love to hear about from you before drawing your dog.


Photos and videos can also be a fantastic way of helping me to understand your dog – they might show her plastered in mud, or snuggling the family cat, or with a giant stick in her mouth. It could be a video of her launching at high speed into a pond! Whatever makes your dog tick, I want to hear about it so that I can inject as much life and soul into your portrait as possible.


Choosing the right photos

Once I’ve got a clear understanding of your dog’s personality, I’ll work with you to choose the best reference photo from which to draw your dog portrait. Choosing the right photo is crucial in allowing me to craft a portrait that captures your dog’s likeness in striking detail. So much of your dog’s spirit will shine out through their eyes, so it’s particularly important that the photo shows them clearly. Read my Photo Guide for further guidance.


Choosing the right size

“The finished portrait is mind blowing, it has more detail than the photo.”


How big should your portrait be? Well, picture where it will hang. Will it be pride of place on a large wall brightening up your living room? Or on a smaller wall in your entrance hallway to greet you when you come home? The setting will have a large bearing on what size would be most suitable for you. Larger sizes will allow for more detail resulting in a portrait so realistic that your beloved dog could step out the frame and give you a big lick on the face! 


My broad range of sizes means there’s something to suit everyone. Read my Size Guide for more guidance. 


Gifting a dog portrait

“My family said it’s one of the most meaningful presents that they’ve ever received”


As a dog owner myself, I understand how important your dog is to you: the companionship and love received are without parallel. I take great pride in having the responsibility of crafting that perfect portrait for you or a member of your family. 

If your portrait is a surprise gift for a loved one, then I’ll take great care to maintain that element of surprise for you. Every part of the process will be handled discreetly so that you can enjoy that magical moment your loved one unwraps their portrait and sees it for the first time. 


Delivered on time and right to your door

“Naomi is truly kind, helpful, quick at responding to questions, and quick to offer you the best service she possibly can.”

Having booked your portrait I know you’ll be eager to hear how it’s coming along! I’ll keep close contact with you throughout the creation process so you’re always up to date. Once completed I’ll email you a photo of your portrait to check you’re 100% happy with everything before posting it out to you. 


Your portrait will be packaged with the utmost care to ensure it arrives safely to your door in the same condition it left me, whether you’re in the UK or abroad. 

“The portrait was well-packaged and arrived to me in perfect condition from the UK to USA”.


Framing Advice

To really finish your portrait off nicely, I highly recommend taking it to a professional framer. If you are able to collect your portrait in person from me, I am more than happy to arrange this. I use a fantastic local framer who will frame your portrait to the highest standards. Don’t worry if you’re not local to me though – your portrait will come with some helpful advice on framing and caring for your artwork. You can also read more in my Framing Guide.



How long does the whole process take?

My waiting times vary throughout the year and I am especially busy in the run up to Christmas. If you wish to gift a loved one a dog portrait for Christmas I recommend getting in touch early – I am usually fully booked by November. Dog portraits make fabulous gifts for any occasion especially birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and I can advise on my current availability. I always do my best to accommodate where possible.


Need a quick gift? Buy a Gift Voucher

“I couldn’t think of a better present to gift to a pet owner!”

Gift vouchers are the perfect easy solution if you’re short on time. The big benefit of a gift voucher is that your loved one can have direct input into the portrait of their precious companion. You’ll be gifting them both the experience of being involved in the creative process, and the joy of receiving their unique portrait to cherish for a lifetime. For more information and to buy a pet portrait gift voucher now click the button below. 



Order prints of your portrait

Professional prints are a fantastic way to enjoy your portrait in more than one place. Maybe you’ve gifted a portrait of your family dog to your parents or children, but you’d love to be able to enjoy it in your own home. Or maybe those long tedious hours at work could be made all the more pleasant with your portrait of your smiling hound on your desk. My professional print service allows you to do just that. For sizes and how to order, read my Prints page.


Just a quick note - I know how precious your portrait will be to you, and so prints of your portrait will only ever be available to you. I never create mass production prints of any of my pet portrait commissions. 


Art Materials

Your dog portrait will be drawn using only the best quality professional art materials. The products I use are of archival quality, ensuring your artwork will be long lasting. 


All my pet portraits are hand drawn in pastels. They have beautifully soft textures, allowing me to truly capture the softness and fluffy feel of your dog’s fur. I am able to work in a very high level of detail, so your finished portrait will look photorealistic in appearance. 


Your dog’s fur, (even if it’s black) will have a huge number of colours in it, both from the natural fur pigment and the light reflected in that glossy sheen. Similarly, your dog’s eyes reflect all kinds of wonderfully vibrant colours, giving them that captivating beauty. Pastels come in a vast range of vivid colours so I’m always able to accurately capture your dog’s gorgeous features in the portrait. 


For a more comprehensive list of the materials I use, visit my Art Materials page.


Frequently Asked Questions

My FAQs page lists some common questions that I get asked about my pet portrait service.  Have a read through.   

If you have any queries which you can’t find the answer to, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using my contact page. I’m always more than happy to advise.





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