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Cocker Spaniel puppy.

Capturing Memories

Photographing your pet


I did a photo-shoot with a gorgeous little Cocker Spaniel pup the other day called Mabel. Her owners had brought her around for me to capture some good quality photographs to work from when creating her portrait. As I was photographing her gorgeous little face it made me think that I hadn’t taken many good quality photos of my own dog Charlie for a while - I’d only snapped a few fuzzy ones with my camera phone! He’s now started sprouting a few white hairs on his chin, reminding me that our time together won’t be forever. 

Many of the commissions I get are for animals that have sadly passed away, and in many cases their owners only have a handful of photos to remember them by. It’s so important to capture moments with our pets on camera. The worst thing about our pets is how brief their time with us can be, and when it’s time for them to move on, those photos will go a huge way to keeping their memory alive. So if you haven’t taken a photo of your pet for a while, dig out the camera and get snapping! 

My Labrador Charlie

Here's a few photos of my lab Charlie that I took yesterday. (I think he wanted me to put the camera down and play with him instead!)

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"The finished portrait was absolutely outstanding, Naomi captured everything that we love about our Harry - it even caused happy tears on Christmas morning..."

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