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Dog portrait by Naomi Jenkin Art.

A Very Happy Client

"The detail is absolutely incredible!"


I recently drew a memorial portrait of a wonderful dog called Bridget, a beautiful Basset x Cavalier. Her owners commissioned her portrait following Bridget’s passing so that they could bring a bit of Bridget’s energy and happy memories back into their home. This lovely video shows the moment Bridget’s portrait was received.

Bridget was a rescue dog and came to live with her forever family at the age of 16 months. She lived to 15 and a half and loved her family every minute of every day! She was an energetic, sassy little character who liked to vocalise her desires. As well as being a very enthusiastic swimmer, food was a particular favourite of hers. In fact food generally took top priority, espcially if that food was ice cream! 

Bridget enjoying some tasty ice cream.

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"The finished portrait was absolutely outstanding, Naomi captured everything that we love about our Harry - it even caused happy tears on Christmas morning..."

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