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“I can't express how amazing Naomi's work is. I was generously given a pet portrait as a present so chose one of my horses as the subject. I am blown away by the end result. It is so true to life I almost feel like she is in the room with me. I cannot recommend Naomi highly enough. It was a pleasure to meet her and I will definitely be asking her to do more work.” – Gail Thomas


Animals can have such a positive effect on our lives. They have the wonderful ability to force us to slow down, re-evaluate, and to appreciate the simpler things in life. They can also teach us so much about love, patience and understanding.

I’ve worked with many clients over the years who can tell remarkable stories of the positive impacts their family pets have had on them, the fond memories that they cherish, and how thankful they are for the times they’ve shared with their precious animals. From horses to rabbits, ferrets to sheep, each of these companions have their own special story, and unique personalities. It’s this that I strive to tap in to with each of my portraits, resulting in a unique piece of art that captures the very essence of your precious family pet.

Booking your custom pet portrait

Booking a portrait with me is a very tailored and bespoke service. I’ll take great care to find out from you all about your pet, and the relationship you or your loved one share with them. Being able to understand your animal’s characteristics, their background, the things they love, and the special relationships you share with them, will all help me to build up a picture of their unique personality. This will go a long way to helping me create a bespoke portrait that reflects your pet perfectly. Your portrait will be so much more than a piece of art – it will be a timeless celebration of everything that your family pet means to you, and the ways in which they’ve enhanced your life.

Your animal portrait will be hand drawn with the highest attention to detail, capturing all those little nuances and subtleties that will make for a visually stunning piece of art.

You can view some of my previous works in my Animal Portrait Gallery.


A couple of close up photos showing the level of detail in this horse portrait of Dash, the Arab racehorse. 

Four Special Companions

Storm the British Giant Rabbit

Storm is possibly the biggest rabbit I’ve ever seen! He weighs in at a whopping 8kg. And with his size, comes a huge personality and a lot of love! Storm is a British Giant rabbit and a very special member of his family. Everyone adores him.


My client Amy asked me to draw a portrait of Storm as a surprise Christmas gift for her Mum. Amy told me all about Storm and sent me some lovely photos of him. We agreed it was very important to include his ginormous ears fully in the drawing, as they’re quite a feature of his. We also decided on a full body portrait to capture his thick fluffy fur and gorgeous colour markings.

Come Christmas Day, the portrait went down a treat and made the perfect present for both Amy’s Mum and the whole family. They later went on to commission two further drawings of their cat and dog, so they have quite the collection now!



Comet the Irish Draught horse

Comet was a magnificent 16.3hh Irish draught horse. Strong, intelligent and a true gentle giant. He’d been a part of his family since the age of 1, right up till his passing at 18 years old. He was so trustworthy and gentle, that the family children were able to ride him bareback around their paddock. My client Claire described him as the perfect horse and a particularly special companion to her.

Following Comet’s passing, Claire was keen to commission a portrait in memory of him. She sent me a beautiful photo that really captured his soft nature and beautiful features. We decided to go for a 12 x 16-inch portrait which would be perfect for a highly detailed head and shoulders drawing. I was keen to capture the calm serenity in his eyes and to use the lighting to show off his defined musculature. I went for a light neutral background to contrast against the dark rich browns of his fur.

Claire was thrilled with the finished portrait and even shed a few happy tears when she saw it for the first time. It’s now displayed proudly in the family home for all to admire and is a wonderful memorial of the life they shared with Comet.



Fair Deed Dash the Arab Racehorse

My client, Gail, was fortunate enough to be gifted one my gift vouchers one Christmas from a very dear friend. Gail has a number of pets including horses and dogs, so her friend knew a pet portrait would be the perfect present. Shortly after Christmas, Gail contacted me to redeem her voucher. She’d chosen her stunning Arab horse to be the subject of her portrait.


Fair Deed Dash (or Dash for short) was a successful racehorse in her earlier years, and now enjoys retired life at a more relaxed pace. At the time of drawing her, she was 20 years old and still going strong!  She has the most beautiful colourings and a lovely nature so we wanted to reflect this in the portrait. After reviewing several reference photos from Gail, we chose one that featured her side-on, capturing her wonderfully expressive eyes and beautiful shaped head.

Gail came to collect the finished portrait in person. When she saw it, she was amazed at how well it captured Dash’s likeness. Gail is totally in love with her horse portrait and left me a lovely review which you can read above.  



Sultan the Suffolk Ram

It’s not often I’m asked to draw pet sheep, but Sultan really captured the hearts of my clients Angie and John. They have a small holding with a number of different animals including sheep, chickens and ducks. Sultan is a beautiful pure-bred Suffolk Ram, and he came to Angie and John’s farm for a few seasons for breeding. I was able to go and meet Sultan myself prior to drawing him. It was wonderful to see him in person. Sultan is huge, and yet the perfect gentlemen: patient, calm, curious and intelligent. Apparently during the breeding season, Sultan will spend time ‘courting’ each female, getting to know them properly first before making beautiful fluffy lambs with them!!


Angie and John live in a charming country house, and they knew that a portrait of Sultan would make the perfect piece of art for their living room wall. We took some time discussing composition options and choosing the perfect reference photo that captured Sultan’s gentle nature. They wanted a portrait that reflected his calm persona whilst showing off the trademark features of the breed.


When the portrait was complete, both Angie and John came to collect it in person. They love the finished piece, and proudly display it in their beautiful country home.




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