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Lion Art - "Lyin' Around"

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This piece aims to capture a carefree and playful moment between two young lion cubs. I particularly wanted to bring out their individual personalities and show the close bonds that form even at this young age. Most lionesses will stay with their pride for life, hunting and rearing cubs together. These early bonds become crucial to helping them work together as a team for the survival of the pride. 

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This is a high quality giclée art print which has been professionally printed using Lucia Pro 12 inks on Hahnemühle bamboo 290gsm inkjet paper. This paper is both sustainable and meets stringent archival standards meaning it has extremely high age resistance. The paper is stiff with a 290gsm weight. It's matt surface has a beautifully soft light texture, producing prints with exceptional detail and vibrance.

Prints are available in three sizes:

A4 – £35 - Limited edition of 125 prints.

A3 - £45 - Limited edition of 75 prints.

A2 - £85 - Limited edition of 50 prints.

Your print will come numbered and hand-signed, and will include a certificate of authenticity. Your print will arrive unframed. For information on handling and framing your print, please visit my print care guide.

Thanks to Emmanuel Keller at Wildlife Reference Photos, and Remco & Natasja Walravens at RT reference photos for use of their photographic references.

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Prints are sent rolled in an extra strong tube.

Orders are normally dispatched within 2-3 working days. For UK orders, your print will be sent via Royal Mail Tracked 24hr service. International orders will be sent via international courier and delivery times will vary according to your destination. You will be sent a tracking link so that you can stay up to date with your delivery.

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Take a closer look

Lion Cubs

If there was an award for the cutest baby animal, I’m sure the lion cub would be up there! Those big round eyes, the delicate soft fur, and their adorable playful antics are enough to make anyone go ‘awwwww!!’.

The early months of a lion cubs’ life can be a perilous time. At birth they weigh only 1.5kg, and their many predators include hyenas, eagles, leopards and jackals. Their mothers rear them in a secret den until they are around 8 weeks old, at which point she returns back to the pride with her cubs. Once back in the pride, the lionesses band together and form a creche for the baby lions! The females all work together to rear all cubs in the pride. This includes sharing feeding duties - any lactating female will feed any of the cubs in the pride, regardless of whether they are her own offspring.

Playing is a serious business for a lion cub. It’s through play that they learn many of their essential survival skills which will see them into adulthood. Stalking, pouncing, play fighting and wrestling will all be key to developing their hunting skills and equipping themselves to fight off competition later in life. They also learn to develop close bonds with their family members. Most lionesses will stay with their pride for life, hunting and rearing cubs together. These close bonds become crucial to helping them work together as a team for the survival of the pride.  

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