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Bornean orangutan painting by wildlife artist Naomi Jenkin.

Bornean Orangutan painting – “Hold Me Closer”

An original wildlife painting.


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An original orangutan painting featuring a mother Bornean orangutan cuddling her baby.

Size: A2

Hand drawn using chalk pastels on Pastelmat paper.

Delivered unmounted and unframed as standard.

Framing is available on request at an extra cost. If you’d like your art framed, please get in touch. Note: Framing is ONLY available to clients able to collect in person from my studio in Liskeard, Cornwall, UK.  

Thanks to Johanna Kok at Wildlife Reference Photos for use of her photographic references.

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All about orangutans

How many types of orangutan are there?

There are three species of orangutan – the Bornean orangutan, the Sumatran orangutan and the recently identified Tapanuli orangutan.

What does orangutan mean?

The word orangutan is from the Malay language and means person of the forest. It’s not hard to see why they are named that. Being one of the great apes their physical appearance is very human like. But more than that, you only have to look into their eyes to see the human like quality of their thoughts and emotions. In fact, orangutans share 96.4% of their DNA with humans, and are highly intelligent beings.

Where do orangutans live?

Orangutans live most of their lives up in the tree tops. They even sleep in the trees and will build themselves a big cosy nest each night out of branches and leaves to ensure they get a good night’s rest. This is an important skill for an orangutan to master; they can weigh up to 190lb so the nest has to be pretty sturdy. It only takes a skilled orangutan a matter of minutes to construct their bed each night. Some go the extra mile and craft themselves a pillow, duvet and even a roof if it's raining!

What is a baby orangutan called?

Baby orangutans are called babies or infants, just like with humans. For the first 10 years of their lives, baby orangutans are completely dependent on their mother. During this time, they learn vital knowledge and skills which will be key to their survival in the jungle. One of the hardest skills to learn is how to safely navigate through the trees. Until around 5 years of age, they cling to their mother as she moves from branch to branch. Then gradually and cautiously, the baby will take its first few swings and will begin its journey to master this vital skill.

What do orangutans eat?

Orangutans live off fruits and insects. They are very intelligent beings and build up a complex knowledge of their surroundings, bookmarking each fruit tree and food source in their area. They even utilise tools for extracting insects from trees.

Are orangutans endangered?

Yes. All three orangutan species are critically endangered, and their numbers are still falling. Their population has declined to half of what it was 100 years ago. This is largely due to the human destruction of their forest habitats to make way for oil palm plantations. Hunting is also a factor. Many orangutans are shot for meat, or to steal baby orangutans from their mothers for the illegal pet trade.

How can I help orangutans?

If you must buy products containing palm oil, then make sure you opt for those only containing certified sustainable palm oil. Encourage brands and supermarkets that you buy from to only stock palm products carrying the RSPO certified sustainable palm oil logo. Products which contain palm oil without sustainable certification will have contributed directly to the destruction of the rainforests and so will have displaced many species of endangered wildlife such as the orangutan. You can also support organizations such as the WWF and The Born Free Foundation who are actively working to help protect these beautiful creatures and their environments.

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