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Lion cub drawing by wildlife artist Naomi Jenkin.

Original wildlife art

Art inspired by nature



Wildlife artist Naomi Jenkin with painting of giraffes.

Naomi with wildlife painting "Neck and Neck".

I think it’s fair to say we’ve all become more aware of the natural world in recent years. Perhaps in part thanks to the astonishing programmes made by Sir David Attenborough, bringing us up close with some of the most amazing creatures and environments on our planet. Not just the beauty of them, but their struggles too (anyone remember the scene of the Iguanas being chased by killer snakes in Planet Earth II?)

One thing that I’ve always been inspired by is the emotional connection between animals, and how ‘human’ those emotions appear. If you own a dog or cat, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Your pet has probably had their bouts of being playful, happy, sad, or maybe they’ve acted all coy when the dustbin’s been raided! I love exploring those same emotions in the wider animal kingdom through my art. Showing the tender connection between a mother lion and her cub, the simple playfulness between two siblings, or the rivalry between alpha males. It is my hope that my animal art helps you feel a connection to the natural world, and an empathy for the animals that live in it.

Giraffe painting by wildlife artist Naomi Jenkin.

Drawing of two giraffes titled "Neck and Neck".

Original wildlife art drawings

I have a selection of original wildlife art drawings available to buy. Each drawing is a unique one-of-a-kind piece that has taken many weeks to complete and has been drawn with meticulous attention to detail. I spend a lot of time crafting the perfect composition for each drawing, making sure that it contains beautiful lighting so that the richness of the colours will shine through. I strive to capture the expression and emotion of each animal in great detail, particularly through their eyes.

Art materials

My wildlife art is hand drawn using the highest quality chalk pastels with excellent lightfastness. This means they have an extremely high fade resistance ensuring your artwork will last for decades to come. I use a surface called Pastelmat by Clairefontaine which is an acid free sanded card designed especially for chalk pastels. It allows me to create drawings with a beautiful richness and depth, as I can build up many layers of pastel and still work in very intricate details.

Just some of the wide range of pastels I use in my wildlife art pieces. 


Each piece comes unmounted and unframed as standard, although if you wish to add framing you can do this at the checkout. Please note, framing is only for customers who can collect their art in person – I can’t risk posting framed pieces due to the risk of glass breakage in transit.

You can view my framing guide for some helpful pointers on getting your art professionally framed.


Your wildlife art will be packaged with the utmost care to ensure its safety in transit. I have shipped artwork all over the world, as far as Australia and pride myself in each piece arriving in perfect condition. You will be issued a tracking link so that you can monitor the progress and know when to expect your parcel. Please note, if you are buying from outside the UK, you may incur customs charges or import duties upon arrival into your country.

Naomi with finished drawing of two lion cubs titled “Lyin’ Around”.


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