How to choose the best size for your pet portrait

Choosing the right size for your pet portrait can take a bit of thought. There are a few important aspects to consider, both from a practical point of view, and to make sure that your artwork will capture the best of your beloved pet. 


This guide should help you form a clearer idea of which size will be right for you. 


My full list of size options and prices can be viewed on my Prices page. 

Pet portrait artist Naomi Jenkin with pastel portrait of Red the Fox Red Labrador, and Gus the black Flat-Coated Retriever.

16 x 20 inch portrait of Red and Gus

Wall space


Whether your portrait is for yourself, or a gift for a loved one, try to picture where it will hang. Large portraits are more suited to a larger wall space such as a living room.  Smaller portraits will look more at home in a more intimate setting like a bedroom or hallway. 

Framed cat portrait of Bradley the British Short Haired Cat. Hand drawn by pastel portrait artist Naomi Jenkin.

8 x 10 inch portrait of Bradley, the British Shorthaired Cat

Wow factor


If you’re looking for a portrait that really lights up the room and creates a visually stunning centre piece, then the larger sizes are for you. The larger the drawing, the more detail I can work in, creating a piece that is highly photo-realistic. This might be especially important if you’re gifting your artwork to a close family member or friend.

Pastel dog portrait of Beau the Golden Retriever puppy and Honey the Labradoodle. Hand drawn by pet portrait artist Naomi Jenkin.

18 x 24 inch portrait of Beau and Honey, being gifted to their owner for his birthday.



My wide range of sizes means that there are options to suit different budgets. Take a look at my Prices page to find the option that suits you.

Framed dog portrait of Siggy, hand drawn by professional pet portrait artist Naomi Jenkin.

11 x 14 inch portrait of Siggy. This was gifted as a surprise present to Siggy's owner for Christmas.

How big is your pet?


It’s worth taking into account the physical size of your pet when choosing your artwork size. If you have quite a large pet such as a Labrador or a Retriever, then my 16 x 20 inch or 18 x 24 inch size would allow for a life-sized drawing. I’d be able to work in a very high level of intricate detail, which will really bring your artwork to life.  


You may of course have a much smaller furry companion such as a Jack Russell Terrier, or perhaps a cat. In which case, you may opt for a smaller sized portrait that is more befitting of your pet’s physical size.  

18 x 24 inch portrait of Ella 

Full body portraits


A huge amount of your pet’s unique personality will be conveyed through their face and in particular, their eyes. If you’ve decided on a full body portrait, bear in mind that this will result in the head being smaller than if you had a head and shoulders portrait of the same size. You may therefore wish to go for a slightly larger size, to really bring out your pet’s wonderful character and soul. 

Molly the English Springer Spaniel posing with her framed dog portrait. Portrait hand drawn by pet portrait artist Naomi Jenkin.

Molly the Springer Spaniel with her 16 x 20 inch portrait.

How many pets will be in your portrait?


Are you having more than one pet in your drawing? If so, then the larger sizes will allow for each pet to be drawn in more detail. Some of the smaller sizes are unavailable for portraits containing more than one pet, as these sizes don’t allow me to achieve the high level of detail and realism that I pride myself on.  

16 x 20 inch portrait of Red and Gus

Framing your portrait


The final consideration is framing. All the sizes quoted above are the unframed sizes. When you have your artwork framed, the frame and mount will generally add around 3 to 4 inches around the perimeter (depending on the sort of mount and frame you go for). 

If you’d like to read some advice and tips on framing, please read my Framing Guide.

Dog portrait of Breaca the Black Labrador. Hand drawn in pastels by pet portrait artist Naomi Jenkin. Framed by Studio 4 in Liskeard.

Breaca the Black Labrador. Her portrait measures 14 x 14 inches, which is the square version of my 12 x 16 inch size. 


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