Framing your pet portrait

Here are a few tips for framing your pet portrait. Most people don't realise how important framing is. If you want your artwork to be adequately protected and to last a very long time, the correct framing is essential. That's why I've put together a few tips for you below!

Professional Framing

If you have purchased your artwork unframed, I highly recommend you take it to a professional framer. A professional framer will use acid-free conservation mount board, as cheap board can cause the paper to yellow over time. They will also seal the back of the frame as this prevents dust and tiny insects from getting inside.

I choose not to use fixative on my pastel pieces, as it dulls the colours and ‘melts’ them into one another. Notify your framer that it is unfixed and request they use a ‘gutter mount’. These mounts are perfect for pastel works as they allow any tiny specks of pastel dust that come loose to fall down a gap rather than falling on the visible edge of the mount.

In terms of style of frame and mount, I'll leave that up to you! It all depends on personal preference and whether you like a more modern contemporary feel or something a little more traditional. A professional framer will have a selection of mouldings and mount samples for you to see alongside the artwork so you can decide what you think works best with the portrait.

Hanging your picture

Once you have your framed artwork back home, it's important you choose carefully where to hang it. Be sure to hang your picture out of direct sunlight. Even though I use the highest quality art materials which have excellent lightfast ratings, strong UV rays can still cause colours to fade over a period of time. Avoid hanging it in an excessively humid environment such as a kitchen or bathroom, or above a heat source such as a radiator or fireplace as this can cause it to warp. Generally you want the centre of the picture to be roughly eye level when standing.

I'm always thrilled to receive pictures of my clients' pet portraits framed so if you have any, send them in! Why not get your pet to pose alongside their portrait?


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