Lighting is an important one as images that are too dark or overexposed make it very difficult to see all those little details. Photos taken outdoors generally work best. 


Too dark

If you’d like your own pet portrait, I’ll require some good quality reference photos to work from. The higher quality the reference photos, the better the finished portrait! I’ve made a handy little guide for you below to show what sort of pictures work best.




Make sure any photos you send me are of a high resolution. If you can zoom in to your image and still see detail relatively clearly then the resolution should be fine. If it all goes into big blurry blobs, then probably not!


Too low res


Photos need to be in sharp focus for me to see enough detail. If the subject is moving and blurred, then I won’t be able to work from that picture.


Too blurry


Make sure the pictures are taken close to your pet. If they’re too far away, then I’ll be unable to see the details I need.


Too far away


Send me pictures from several different angles. This helps me to get an overall image of your pet. In general pet portraits work best when you’re eye level with them. This may mean getting down on your hands and knees to take the picture! 


Either of these two images would make a perfect pet portrait and tick all the boxes above. 


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