Capturing the heart and soul of your four legged friend

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“Naomi’s portrait of our Lab is absolutely stunning and captures his personality perfectly. Naomi was a pleasure to work with and really cared that we were happy with the final result. Highly recommended!” - Liz Benjeddi

Portrait of Dylan the Golden Labrador

Dylan the Golden Labrador. I was commissioned to draw Dylan's memorial portrait after his passing. The finished portrait is on the left. The photo of Dylan on the right shows the high degree of likeness I achieve with my portraits. 

As a Labrador owner myself I know what truly wonderful companions they are.


There are so many fabulous traits to a Labrador – her undying loyalty and the way she’ll follow you around everywhere you go. His joyful enthusiasm for, well, pretty much anything! Her triumph in being able to carry a huge log for the entire walk (the bigger the better). His sheer elation at seeing water and running into it at full pelt. Her love for affection and the abundance in which she gives back in return. His eager welcome to greet you when you walk in the door, tail wagging so hard it makes his bottom wiggle. 


And of course, her love for food. Any food. Especially cheese. 


I want to help you get the best out of your Labrador portrait so that it truly reflects the unique personality of your dog and captures everything she means to you.


So here are a few Labrador-specific tips to help.


(If you haven’t already, read through my Dog Portraits page for some more generalised advice.) 

Naomi presenting dog portrait of Dylan the Golden Labrador

Naomi presenting the portrait of "Dylan"


Photographing your Labrador

Being great food lovers, Labradors are often fairly easy to photograph. If your lab is proving a little camera shy, you’d be amazed at the difference a tasty incentive can make! Whether your Labrador is black, golden or chocolate, photographing her in good natural lighting will really bring out the colours in her coat and beautiful shape of her face. It will also allow me to see those gorgeous rich browns in her eyes.


I always recommend getting down at eye level with your lab if possible. This avoids any odd perspectives which can happen when pointing the camera down at her.


For some more tips on photographing your Labrador, read my Photo Guide.


What size should your Labrador portrait be?

There’s a lot to a Labrador, not just in personality but also in size! Being a large breed, you might want to consider the larger portrait sizes for your artwork, especially if you’re gifting a portrait and are looking for that wow factor. This will allow me to capture much more detail in your portrait so that it really springs to life.


As a guide, a head and shoulders portrait of your Labrador in my largest size (18 x 24 inches) would be life sized. To view my full range of sizes, read my Size Guide.


Choosing a background colour

 Your Labrador’s personality can influence your portrait in a number of ways. When you think about your dog, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it having her snuggled up on the sofa with you? If so, then a warm cosy background colour could work well – creams or a warm stone colour for instance. 

You might picture your lab out with you on a game shoot. Or diving into a pond to retrieve a ball. In which case, maybe a blue background would be best. Or a diffuse out-of-focus green foliage effect. 

Something as simple as the background colour will help portray your lab in the environment where they’re at their happiest.


Choosing a pose

The pose that you choose for your portrait can say a lot about your dog, so choose something that you feel reflects his personality well. If he’s a laid-back lab that loves to chill you might opt for a lying down pose.


Labradors in particular have really perfected that loving expression so Labrador portraits often work well when they’re looking right at you. 

If your lab is a die-hard swimmer, you may opt to have him drawn with wet fur, fresh from the lake! Perhaps she’s a highly trained gun dog and you’d like her clutching her training dummy in her mouth. 

The images below will give you a few ideas for your own Labrador portrait. 




Four Lovable Labradors


Dusty was commissioned as a special wedding gift by dear friends of the Bride and Groom.


Dusty belongs to the Bride Erica, and he’s a very central part of the family. Receiving a portrait of Dusty on their wedding day was a fitting way to celebrate the importance of Dusty in the Bride and Groom’s life together. 

Dusty's portrait now hangs in the family home in the USA. 


Dog portrait of Dusty the Golden Labrador, hand drawn in pastels by pet portrait artist Naomi Jenkin.


Breaca was a much-loved family dog right from her puppy years. She formed an extra special bond with my client who used to take her everywhere with him - even to work at his chiropractic clinic.


Sadly Breaca passed away from cancer at only 8 years old, and so my client commissioned this portrait in loving memory of her. It now hangs in his chiropractic clinic in Dorset. 

Dog portrait of Breaca the Black Labrador, hand drawn in pastels by pet portrait artist Naomi Jenkin

Marvin and Wookie

Dog portrait of Marvin the Chocolate Labrador, hand drawn in pastels by pet portrait artist Naomi Jenkin
Dog portrait of Wookie the Chocolate Labrador, hand drawn in pastels by pet portrait artist Naomi Jenkin

Marvin and Wookie’s portraits were gifted as a special Christmas present from my clients to their son and his partner.


Sadly since drawing their portraits, Wookie has passed away and so his portrait is now a touching memorial, celebrating the happy life he shared with his family.


Marvin and Wookie were completely devoted to one another, and always together. Both Marvin and Wookie’s portraits hang side by side, echoing the close bond they shared.  



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