Booking a portrait of your pet


Commissioning a portrait of a pet is often an entirely new experience for many people, so it’s understandable that you’d have a lot of questions. This page should provide the answers to most of your queries. If there’s anything you’d like to ask that is not listed here, please feel free to contact me. I’m always happy to help! 

Putting the final details into this portrait of Alby, the English Springer Spaniel. Alby's portrait measured 18 x 24 inches and was commissioned as a surprise gift for my client's wife. 


The price of your drawing will vary according to the size you choose, and the number of pets. To view all the options, and their prices, please visit my Prices page. 


My waiting list varies throughout the year. Please get in touch with me to find out my current availability.


Yes. Please get in touch and let me know your address so I can give you an accurate shipping quote. If you are in the USA, you can view my shipping rates on my Prices page. 


If you are in the UK (including the Channel islands), postage is charged at a flat rate of £10. If you are in the USA, please take a look at my Prices page to view my shipping rates for different sized portraits. For all other destinations, please contact me with your address for an accurate shipping quote.


Yes absolutely! I live near Liskeard in Cornwall, UK. If you’re able to collect in person then you’re more than welcome to visit me. I’ll put the kettle on and get the biscuits out! 


My full list of size options can be viewed on my Prices page. 


Please go to my Size Guide for some useful advice on choosing the size that’s right for you.


Yes. I have drawn many portraits featuring two or more pets. Please read my Prices page to view the sizes available for a portrait featuring multiple pets. 


Yes. All my portraits are hand drawn from photos. Please visit my Photo Guide for some handy tips on taking or choosing suitable photos of your pet for me to work from. I also offer a ‘photo-shoot’ service. Details of this can also be found on my Photo Guide page. 


It’s always useful to have a few different photos from several angles. My Photo Guide has some valuable tips for choosing the right sort of photos. 


Potentially. My Photo Guide has some valuable advice on how to choose photos that will work together in one portrait. 


I always prefer digital photos. However, if you only have printed photos, then I’m more than happy for you to post them to me and I can advise if they’re suitable for me to work from. Please contact me for my postal address. 


You’ll need to get written permission from the photographer before I can use their professional photos to draw your artwork from. This is because the photographer will retain the copyright to any photos they’ve taken.  


Yes. I can do some draft compositions using the photos you’ve sent me. I’ll ask for your preferences and feedback on the options I send over. I’ll always wait for your approval on which option you like the best before I start drawing your artwork. 


Yes. This is something I really pride myself on. I always take the time to get to know your pet. I’ll ask you to tell me all about them, and to send me several photos demonstrating their personality and character. You can even share videos of them with me. If you’re local, I’m more than happy for you to bring your pet around to me, so I can meet them in person. I then use these insights to create a highly realistic portrait that captures the heart and soul of your precious companion. 


Yes. I’m always happy to offer advice and send you some draft options so you can choose your preferred background colour. If there’s a specific detailed background setting that you’d like please let me know. Detailed backgrounds are charged as extra, as detailed on my Prices page.


I’ll send you an invoice with the payment details on. You can pay by BACS, Paypal, cheque or cash if you’re local to me. A 50% deposit secures your booking, with the rest payable on completion. 


Yes, I’ll send you a photo of the completed portrait for you to approve before you pay the final instalment. Once the final payment has cleared, your artwork will be shipped out to you.


Yes. When I’ve completed your pastel portrait, I’ll email you a photo of it for you to approve. If there are some minor changes you’d like me to make, I’m more than happy to do this at no extra cost. If the changes are significantly different from what we’d originally agreed, then these may not be possible, or there may be an extra charge. For example, if you wanted to add in a detailed background. 


Not as standard. I cannot guarantee the safety of a framed portrait in the post due to the risk of glass breakage. However, if you are able to personally collect your artwork, I can offer a framing service for an extra cost. I am based in Liskeard, Cornwall, UK. Please mention if you'd like this service when booking your portrait with me. 

Further information about framing can be found in my Framing Guide.


Please visit my Framing Guide for some useful information on framing your pastel portrait.


My portraits are hand drawn in pastels. For some in-depth information into the art materials I use, please go to my Art Materials page.


No. I retain the copyright to all my drawings. However I’ll never produce commercial prints of your portrait for anyone other than you. If you would like a professional print of your pastel portrait, perhaps as a gift to a family member or close friend, please read my Prints page for more information. 


Yes. Take a look at my Prints page for more information. Prints of your specific portrait will be one-offs, and only available to you. I never produce commercial prints of clients' pets for general sale. 


Yes. Sharing my work is how I grow my business and attract new clients. However, if the drawing is a surprise gift for someone, I’m more than happy to delay sharing any photos until you’ve gifted it, in order to maintain the element of surprise. Please mention this to me when booking.


Yes. Please visit my Gift Vouchers page for more information. 


Yes. The majority of my work is dogs and cats, but I’ve been commissioned to draw horses, sheep, cows, rabbits and even ferrets in the past. I’m always delighted to draw animals of any shape and size!


No. (Only four legged furry ones!)


Yes. Please get in touch using my Contact page. 


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