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“It completely captures my family cat’s personality"

Portraits that perfectly reflect your cat

Whether your cat is a gravity-defying daredevil, or a loafing lounge cat, their personality and character traits are what makes them unique. Perhaps they love bird watching through the garden windows, or roll over for belly rubs when you walk into the room. Maybe they have the most beautiful eyes, which shine out from their dark fur when they look at you.


Creating a portrait of your cat which embodies everything you love about them is my top priority. I want your portrait to be something that will make you smile for years to come. And so, I take special care to hear as much as you can tell me about your cat. You can tell me stories about them, their background, how they came into your life, their likes and dislikes. Using this knowledge, I’ll be able to create a stunningly realistic portrait which captures your cat’s true likeness.   

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Below you can see a small selection of the beautiful cats I’ve been privileged to draw over the years.  Many of these portraits were gifted to loved ones for special occasions, and others serve as precious memorials, keeping happy memories alive.  You can enlarge any of the images by clicking on them.


To find out how to book your own portrait, please visit my Pet Portrait Advice page.


Creating a special birthday portrait of Arlo, the adorable kitten



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